VKCCI Grants

Here's how to apply for a grant through VKCCI

Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc. can provide grants only to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Grant recipients do not need to be members of the Knights of Columbus, and do not need to be Roman Catholic, to qualify for a grant.

VKCCI grants are based on need, however, and therefore we require detailed information about the grant recipient and their situation. All grant applications and awards are kept strictly confidential.

Grant Requirements

Please email the grant request if possible.

All of the following information concerning the individual or family is required for the grant request to be processed:

  • Name of the individual or family.
  • Names and ages of children, if applicable.
  • How the Council learned of the situation.
  • The circumstances that put the individual or family in financial distress.
  • What is the financial condition of the individual or family? (Submit a detailed breakdown of monthly income and expenses, including amounts and sources, Also include amounts of outstanding debts to further demonstrate need.)
  • The amount of financial assistance requested from VKCCI.
  • Council efforts to provide assistance.
  • Other agencies or organizations contacted for assistance, and their response.